It's time to give back to those like-minded teenagers and young people wanting to build a business, making their dreams become reality, starting from scratch, scaling an insta-business, setting all the foundations needed from a business plan to HMRC, registering with Companies House, learning the everyday life of a CEO, the running of a business, what it takes to own, run, develop and scale a business at such a young age. 
This support is crucial for our young people, we have so many teenagers that are entrepreneurial and that are wanting to set-up their own business, insta-businesses have become the latest trends, from wax melt businesses to clothes boutiques, these are all massive potential for young people to build themselves a profile and a steady financial income.
FREE Printable Resources
We now offer a FREE Mental Health Self-Assessment for anyone to fill in and take a moment to look at their self-care needs, what they can improve on and what they want to focus on.
The aim behind the FREE Printable Resources is for the public to see how they can improve on their own mental well-being and mental state to lift spirits and lift self-esteem.
There is more printable resources in the making.
With the recent new Government National Lockdown, we have decided to show our support and do our bit to help the community. If you are feeling concerned, feeling low, having low-esteem, worried about family, work, day-to-day living then please contact us.
We are here to help you in these times of need, we know that now more than ever you need our help to boost Mental Health and guide you to the right support.
We are a private and confidential service, everything between you and the phone operator is totally confidential unless you tell us something that may harm yourself, us or someone else, then we have to take the appropriate steps to get some immediate help or support.
Mental Health Services and other services available during these times are under a lot of strain and pressure right now, so by us offering a FREE Listening Service, we hope to reduce the stress from other services.
To enquire regarding any of our workshops, programmes or projects then please contact us on
If you would like to use our FREE Listening Service then please contact us on 07514 942 864