"Every child deserves a positive, uplifting, stress-free future with help and support to overcome barriers and to have the future that they want."
With multiple programs on offer to engage with young people worldwide we want each young individual to have a clear plan setting the stones for their future and providing them with resources that they may need such as building a CV, managing stress with exams, managing anxiety that comes with change, budgeting, helping to find a career and much more with each resource being unique and personalised to each young person.
CEO, Oliver Jude, 16 Year Old Young Entrepreneur.
Oliver was diagnosed with Autism in October 2016 after being rejected by the educational system.
After a fight Oliver received all the support he needed and went on to make a fantastic future for himself.
This was only possible from self-belief. It is still to this day a journey of self-development, self-worth, self-care, self-love and self-belief to make each day possible.